Jewelry Care Guide

Do you want your jewelry to last a lifetime? Use these simple tips and tricks to give your collection the care it deserves. From sterling silver to precious gems, we have the complete guide to keeping your sparkle!

The best way to clean your jewelry also happens to be the cheapest!  A soft bristle tooth brush and mild dish soap (not detergent) is an excellent method to wash away dirt and grime.  Use a small bowl of warm soapy water and gently brush away build up to bring back your stone's original shine.  We use this method on all of our inventory for a good, deep clean! Ultrasonic cleaners are a great option, but not safe for every gemstone.  Soft stones like opals and emeralds should never be placed in ultrasonic cleaners.

Before you rinse that soapy water off - CLOSE YOUR SINK DRAIN!  Your future self will thank you.  

One of the best ways to protect your jewelry from unnecessary wear and tear is to remove it before swimming, exercising, and cleaning.  Chlorine and cleaning chemicals can damage both the gold and stones.  Opting for a silicone ring at the gym can protect your band from scratches (and is also more comfortable!). 

Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on before leaving the house - even after perfume and lotions! Allow them to dry before you accessorize.  

Have your prongs inspected annually, especially for jewelry you wear every day.  Ensuring that your prongs are strong and clasps are tight is the best preventative measure to losing stones or risking damage to your collection.

If you're a sterling silver lover, you should always have a silver polishing cloth on hand.  When your silver starts to look dark or tarnished, use your polishing cloth to bring back its original shine. 


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