Permanent Jewelry: The Forever Flash!

What is Permanent Jewelry?

The hottest trend in accessories is taking the world by storm!  Permanent jewelry (aka infinity jewelry) is a custom fit chain that is micro-welded with a tiny golden ring instead of a traditional clasp to create a continuous loop. It is the perfect way to level up your friendship bracelet game or celebrate special occasions.  We use a tiny laser welder that is quick, painless, and done in a flash! You won't feel a thing, and we always protect the skin with a small leather patch.  Our selection of 14k solid gold, gold filled, and sterling silver chains are perfect for creating a unique stack that is dainty and full of sparkle.  Sleep, swim, and shower in your jewelry with no fear of tarnishing.  In case of emergencies, you can remove your chain with a simple pair of scissors or wire cutters.  
Now you can wake up fully accessorized and never have to worry about fastening a clasp again!  

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How Does it Work? 

1. Choose Your Chain: Choose from solid 14k gold, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver chain options. Can't decide? Buy 3 Get 1 Free! Add a charm for extra sparkle.
2.  Custom Fit: We will custom fit the chain to you, and let you decide how loose or snug you like your jewelry. After you approve, we'll snip the chain to your perfect length!
3. Quick Flash: After lining up the jump ring, we will use a tiny laser welder to microweld the gold together for a secure infinity loop! It is painless and over in a flash.
4. Show Your Friends! You're officially part of the Gold 'n Girl gang! Tag us @goldngirls_nc and #goldngirls

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